About Us

Quite simply, we like scotch and music. 

We wanted to create a single place to share our love for whisky and to provide no non-sense reviews for the products we try. We have the novice and the expert at front of mind every time we write a review.

Whisky can be enjoyed to relax or to socialise. Music plays an important part of our lives in either setting. We wanted to put a unique stamp on our reviews by pairing albums to spirits. In today’s music world, songs are added to playlists and albums are often not enjoyed in full. Pairing albums to the drinks we review will hopefully encourage people to listen to albums as the artists intended. Sometimes we need to slow down and appreciate what we’re doing or our surroundings and a goal of ours is encourage that.

Scotch & Sounds hopes you will find time to taste, pair and enjoy like we do.