Talisker 2017 Distillers Edition Review


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whisky glass with ice


Type – Single Malt

Age – 10 Years Old

Location – Skye

Casks – ex-bodega Amoroso cask

Price – £49.95

Taste Profile

Smokiness – 3/5

Fruitiness – 3.5/5

Oakiness – 3/5

Spiciness – 3/5

Boldness – 3/5

S&S Rating



Taste – 4/5

Nose – 3.5/5

Value – 4/5

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What do we think of this whisky?

We’ve reviewed a few Taliskers and this one is definitely up there with some of their best offerings. Their 2007 Distillers Edition which is matured in Amoroso sherry casks. Whether it’s had all 10 years in them, it’s hard to tell. It can be a challenge with Talisker to understand what their maturation lengths are, their website is quite non-descript! However, the casks have done their job as we make note below.


The nose is what we really like about this scotch. You get sweet ocean notes. There’s coastal seaweed aromas and a slight medicinal tone. Occasionally, you feel as though you’re about to tuck into a bar of sea salted chocolate, which incidentally is probably a great pairing food-wise for this single malt.


On first impressions, it’s very clean. Some peaty whiskies can taste a little oily, which is not a bad thing as it often adds to the character, however this somehow tastes full of flavour but crisp at the same time. You can still tell it’s a trademark Talisker taste. It has the usual suspects of sea salt and not overwhelming smoke. However, the fieriness that you can get with the 10 year old Talisker is subdued by the sweet sherry notes from the Amoroso casks


This is the part that is the most underwhelming. It’s not a lasting finish. You get some oakiness but the sherry notes fade away quite quickly. A little bit of the peat lingers but it won’t be the enduring smoke after effects of say a Lagavulin or an Ardbeg.

This is a pretty good all-rounder in terms of savoury, sweet and smoke. The flavours feel more natural compared to their Skye product. It’s also not bad value if you get it from the right place, the price can vary quite a bit depending on where you look so do investigate. Talisker’s Port Ruighe is also another solid option if you like this one.

Should I add ice or water?

This one you can drink straight but a little bit of water or ice can lift some of the flavour out just a tad more.


What music genres pair well with this whisky?

Rock, Country, Blues, Accoustic

What album have we chosen for this whisky?

blues rock album cover

If you ever want to get into slide guitar, this is an awesome album to pick up (even though picking up albums is a phrase of the past). ‘The Firing Line’ is a perfect entrance with a memorable bluesy riff but the little slide fills are also extremely catchy. The nose or the entrance of the Talisker Distillers Edition is also pretty memorable and this is why we think it’s a strong pairing. This album does finish strongly (unlike the finish of this Talisker) with ‘Old Friend’ which is a pure slide genius. The song itself is, as it says on the tin, about friendship and there’s no better way to enjoy another’s company than a dram like this one!


Is this dram for you?

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