Ledaig 10 Year Old Review


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Type – Single Malt

Age – 10 Year Old

Location – Isle of Mull

Casks – Oak (Unspecified origin)

Price – £38.90

Taste Profile

Smokiness – 2/5

Fruitiness – 2.5/5

Oakiness – 3/5

Spiciness – 2/5

Boldness – 3.5/5

S&S Rating



Taste – 4.5/5

Nose – 3/5

Value – 4.5/5

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What do we think of this whisky?

The Ledaig 10 Year Old is a must buy whisky from the Tobermory distillery, especially at this price. Ledaig is Tobermory’s peated product. The distillery is a humble set up at one end of Tobermory town where there are picturesque colourful houses along the sea front, almost like a Scottish Copenhagen. The Isle of Mull is a great place to visit for a long weekend (or longer). Anyway, back to the whisky. The nose is quite soft. The smokiness is light and is no-where near the likes of an Ardbeg, Octomore or Lagavulin but remember this is not an Islay offering. You do get a light mint aroma, as Tobermory also state in their description. 

The taste, on the other hand, is not a soft experience. It’s packed full of flavour and is almost reminiscent of a Benromach 10 or 15 year old, although it has less cereal like attributes. The first encounter is quite peppery. You then get dried fruits and then almost an apple flavour as well. The smokiness, like the nose, is also subdued in a nice way. With the oak casks, you get that stereotypical vanillery and slightly creamy experience but there’s a nice element of spice too which stays with you in the finish. While it’s not clearly specified on their website, the palette would potentially indicate ex-bourbon barrels being used in the maturation process but don’t quote us on that.

For this much flavour at this price, this is why we say it’s a must buy. If you’re looking to venture into peaty whiskies, this is a great entry point.

Should I add ice or water?

Some may want to add a little water but we’d recommend not too. There’s a lot of flavour already and the volume is not high enough to kill of the taste buds too much.


What music genres pair well with this whisky?

Blues, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Metal

What album have we chosen for this whisky?

Linkin Park Meteora

First of all, it was such a tragedy to lose a singer as unique and brilliant as Chester Bennington who sadly passed in 2017. He, and the rest of Linkin Park were inspirational players in the Nu-Metal/Rap-Rock scene. Their music has so many layers. It can be heavy, chilled, abstract or just powerful all in one song. Ledaig’s 10 Year Old has a similar personality. It can be drunk on any occasion whether you’re in the mood for smoother, smokey or spicy experiences but it is still powerful. Meteora has too many good tracks to choose from. Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit and Numb are all great examples of their versatility. Versatility is another great way to consider the Ledaig 10 Year Old and therefore a perfect pairing.


Is this dram for you?

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