Arran Sherry Cask ‘The Bodega’Single Malt Whisky Review


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whisky glass with ice


Type – Single Malt

Age – 7 Year Old

Location – Arran

Casks – Sherry

Price – £53.95

Taste Profile

Smokiness – 1/5

Fruitiness – 4/5

Oakiness – 3.5/5

Spiciness – 2.5/5

Boldness – 4.5/5

S&S Rating



Taste – 4.5/5

Nose – 4.5/5

Value – 4.5/5

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What do we think of this whisky?

The story of Arran whisky is an interesting one if you ever get a chance to visit the distillery. They’re the only scotch producers on the island, which is very small but full of character and a great place for a long weekend. That being said, the small island produces big character whiskies. This Sherry Cask single malt is a perfect example. It’s also a great showcase of where older whiskies don’t necessarily mean better. It’s a young(ish) 7 year old scotch that has matured in first-fill Sherry Hogshead casks. It’s cask strength (meaning it’s not diluted to bring it down to 40%) so it’s strong. But even at cask strength (55.8%) it has bags of flavour, some stronger scotches have flavour killed by the strength.

When you pop the cork, it’s clearly sherried but it has a sweet shop aroma to it but is somehow not over-sherried. When you taste it, it’s got a bold toffee flavour with a little bit of spice. It’s refreshing to have a change from American bourbon cask matured scotches that leave an oaky/vanillery flavour with you. The finish does not linger as long as other scotches and is quite subtle (still sweet).

This is a really different choice out there and has lots of character. If you’re looking for alternatives to have in the whisky cabinet, then this is a fantastic option. The bottle and branding as well is also differentiated to other distilleries. It’s clean and simple but still looks like a quality product, which it certainly is.

Should I add ice or water?

It’s cask strength so you may want to add a little water. The stronger the whisky, the more likely you are to kill off your taste buds so if you add some water, you’ll pick up even more of the sherry flavours. However, this scotch is also nice to drink straight (if you can handle it).


What music genres pair well with this whisky?

Rock, Pop, Funk

What album have we chosen for this whisky?

Both Muse and the Arran distillery formed in 1994 so it’s meant to be. Muse have had hit after hit on their albums over the years and they’re arguably one of the biggest bands the UK has produced in the last couple of decades. Origin of Symmetry was an album that really cemented their presence. They have a bold, punchy but also clean sound which appeals to so many people. We feel these are attributes that match closely with the Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky. You can easily sit back and enjoy this entire album which has so many great songs and New Born is an incredible opening track that builds and builds. Much like our appreciation of Arran whisky.


Is this dram for you?

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