Benromach 15 Year Old Review


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whisky glass with ice


Type – Single Malt

Age – 12 Year Old

Location – Speyside

Casks – Ex-Bourbon & Sherry Casks

Price – £52

Taste Profile

Smokiness – 2/5

Fruitiness – 3.5/5

Oakiness – 3.5/5

Spiciness – 2/5

Boldness – 4/5

S&S Rating



Taste – 4/5

Nose – 3.5/5

Value – 4/5

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What do we think of this whisky?

It’s easy to understand why this whisky has received so much praise. The Speyside single malt from Benromach is easy to drink and is a great option for those looking to get into scotch. The first sip will make you feel like you’ve just eaten vanilla flavoured chocolate. You’d almost think it’s been flavoured artificially, thankfully it has not and the more you drink the more you realise it’s just an amazing scotch.

This is a well balanced whisky and the fact that it has been aged for 15 years means that you get more flavour out of the ex-Bourbon and sherry casks. The distillery suggests that there is a ‘touch of smoke’ but this really is just a slight hint and this shouldn’t put any whisky fans who are opposed to peaty tastes.

Benromach really pulled one out of the bag with this one and definitely a Scotch and Sounds recommendation.


What music genres pair well with this whisky?

Rock, Blues, Jazz

What music pairs with this whisky?

Carlos Santana has been playing in bands since 1966. He is as experienced as they come and his albums, particularly more recent ones, usually have a diverse set of collaborators so they often appeal to a lot of people. Shaman doesn’t have his biggest hits on but it is a consistent album from start to finish. The first track Adouma is quite an entrance. From there you have rock, hip hop, pop and even a splash of opera! This album has a bit of everything, as does the Benromach 15 Year Old Single Malt, that’s what makes this pairing complete.


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